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The Anne of Green Gables Adventure - 4.5 Hours -Total Cost $315

If you're an Anne of Green Gables fan, this tour is for you!  Lucy Maud Mntgomery's books are loved by people worldwide, and their spirited, imaginative red-headed heroine Anne Shirley has a special place in people's hearts.  This tour highlights many sights and attractions related to Lucy Maud Montgomery's beloved story, Anne of Green Gables, but it also showcases some of the Island beauty which Montgomery described.

As we drive through rural PEI you will see the places and picturesque views Montgomery wrote about: farms, coastlines and villages.  Our first stop will be at Silver Bush and the Anne of Green Gables Museum, owned by Lucy Maud Montgomery's descendants. Montgomery married at this farm called "Silver Bush," and it inspired four of her novels.  The homestead was built by her uncle John and Aunt Annie Campbell in 1872.  It is also the setting for one of the books in the Anne series:  "Anne's Lake of Shining Waters." The house still belongs to her family, and you will  understand why she called it the "wonder castle of my childhood."  Here, you can explore flower gardens and the gift shop, and enjoy the view of the Lake of Shining Waters.

As we travel to our next destination, we will make a stop at one of PEI's most photographed places: French River.  You will be able to take pictures of the fishing village which is nestled there, as well as the surrounding farms.  We will also drive by New London, which is the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery, and is now preserved as a historic site.

Since this tour is designed with the ultimate Anne fan in mind, it wouldn't be complete without a visit to Green Gables House in Cavendish.  This is the old farm site which inspired the first Anne of Green Gables novel, and the surrounding area inspired the village of Avonlea in Montgomery's books.  You can explore the well-kept gardens, barns, farmhouse, buildings, and grounds. If you love these books, you will love being able to see the Island through Anne's eyes.  You won't want to miss seeing the things you've read about in the novels for yourself!